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Frequently Asked Questions




When are monthly meetings?


monthly meetings are the first Sunday of every month (except for holiday weekends and Super Bowl weekend - then they fall on the 2nd weekend)


Can anyone come to the monthly meeting?


Anyone is welcome to attend the monthly meeting.  They are at 7:00 p.m. in the social hall at the Moose Club.


When will practices start?


Most coaches will set their own start dates.  Each coach will call their players.  The younger the team, the later the teams will start.  The well-being of the children is our top priority.  Coach pitch and Tee-ballers will not start practicing until spring has sprung.


When do games start?


Major Boys will begin playing first in an inter-league pre-season tournament.  This typically starts somewhere around the third week of April.  Minors and majors start a week after (usually around the first of May).  Juniors start later to accommodate the high school players and schedule (typically mid-May).  Tee-ball and coach pitch a little before Mid-May.


Do I have to fill out a volunteer app?


Yes! If you have any contact at all at the ball fields (go in the dug out, work the concession stand, keep score, coach, ump, team parent) you have to fill out a volunteer app and it must be on file.  Social Security numbers are REQUIRED to run the check.  Even high school kids who are umping need to have a volunteer app on file with our league.  This is MANDATED by Little League and keeps us eligible for tournament play.

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